About the concept

We created the Click Coffee concept for those of you who want to enjoy their daily dose of freshly ground coffee, but at the same time can't stand unreasonable prices and don't have the time to wait for a barista to prepare it. Personally, we see Click Coffee as a stereotype destroyer. And as an innovator that doesn't wait until a customer comes in, but rather comes to him instead.

How does it work?

The Click Coffee concept in four easy steps

I need to be at work in seven minutes, but I can't survive without my morning coffee. Fortunately, there's Click Coffee on my way to the office...
We're fast (and good)
Size matters. I either take a small or the bigger cup.
We simplify and speed things up
I make up my mind, hit one button and wait until my dose of coffee is prepared.
Someone had to be first
I grab something to eat and am back on my way to the office within a minute
How you can pay
The real beauty is in simplicity. And what can be more simple than one click?